Runner Juliette 48*150 NIMA HOME


Runner Juliette 48*150 NIMA HOME

Runner with a composition of 100% cotton. It is very soft, durable and has an excellent fit on the table. Like all cotton linens it is antistatic, hypoallergenic and has great resistance to time, frequent washings and ironing. Thanks to its build quality, it retains its shape and color over time.

Runner Juliette is crafted with the foliage of trees in a wonderful design of urban jungle aesthetics with boho influences. It has warm green and beige shades that create a sense of relaxation. It will bring nature to your kitchen or terrace and will highlight the space with its vintage touches. Add plants and see your space transform.


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  • Runner
  • 100% Cotton
  • Soft, natural composition, hypoallergenic, antistatic and durable
  • Jungle plan
  • Beige, Green, Orange
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